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No matter what the circumstances, traveling doesn’t come without risks and being away from home can complicate issues even more. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way when you plan ahead with Crossgrove & Company. Let our representatives give you peace of mind by walking you through the best travel insurance based on your individual needs. Whether you’re going on a single trip, multiple excursions, visiting Canada, a student abroad, heading south as a snowbird, or even need to cancel, we’ll ensure that, wherever you are, you’ll get the treatment you need right when you need it!

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What is Travel Insurance?

Your ideal vacation can easily turn into a emotional and financial hardship when you do not have travel insurance. Travel insurance is intended to cover you from losses arising from unforeseeable circumstances while travelling. This includes the need for medical treatment in another province or a foreign country, such as the cost of hospital stays, doctors' fees, tests and ambulance services. In addition, it can cover the cost of necessary emergency air transportation to either return you home for treatment in Canada.

Furthermore, you may also require non-medical coverage for other circumstances such as trip cancellation, trip interruption and lost baggage. Travel insurance provides you with the coverage you need so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

Single Trip Medical Plan

Single trip medical plans can cover your one-time trip away. This is suitable if you are unlikely to have multiple trips within the year. This may include a trip across the border to the USA or a longer vacation out of country.

Multi-Trip Medical Plan

If you make multiple trips, you will likely benefit from a longer plan. This can cover you for multiple trips outside your home province for a full year.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Should an unforeseen event cause you to cancel or interrupt your travel plans, Cancellation & Interruption Insurance offers financial protection to cover your costs. The coverage protects you leading up to your departure and during your vacation.

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Planning a trip to Canada? Make sure you have health insurance before you arrive. If you are looking to apply for a Super Visa, you will need to have a proof of private medical insurance coverage before you arrive.

Travel Insurance for Students

If you are an international student planning on studying in Canada or a Canadian student going to study abroad, make sure you have the right student travel insurance coverage. If you get ill while you are studying or require emergency medical treatment, you want to ensure that you’re able to afford to get the treatment you need.

Snowbird Travel Insurance

If you take long trips down South for the winter, ensure you have snowbird travel insurance to cover and medical expenses while you are away. Without coverage, any accidents or illnesses can cost thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. Crossgrove & Company will get you covered.

How Do I Get Travel Insurance with Crossgrove & Company?

Our brokers are ready to get you set up with your travel insurance. Contact us today by giving us a call or completing a quote form online.

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