Member’s Health

Members Health is an Accountable Healthcare Benefit - Designed and operated by some of Canada’s leading Surgeons & Physicians, they provide Members and their Family the ability to see Doctors and Specialists in MINUTES - 24/7/365 from anywhere in Canada or the World.

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Service features:

  • A dedicated team of Doctors & Specialists available in minutes 24/7/365
  • Prescriptions, Labs & Diagnostics on the video call.
  • Referrals & timely access assistance to Specialists & Surgeons.
  • Follow up - 24/48 hours post Doctor visit contact
  • Preventive Health Screening, Doctors Notes, Mental Health, Wellness & Nutrition assistance
  • Continuity of Care protected by keeping Family Doctors informed (with consent).
  • Access to our Health Library powered by the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.
  • Case Review Team for complex cases
  • Medical Advisory Board to review quality of care
  • Dedicated Care Team staff assigned to each Member as a point person for their care 25 Minutes - is our current average time for our Members to speak with our Doctors on Shift We are redefining how Healthcare is delivered … and our Members love it

Why Members Love it:

Time & Money Saved No more waiting, no more Walk Ins, no more 6 hour plus Emergency Room waits, no more driving, no more lost work hours and pay.

Convenience of Patient First Care Members Health Doctors see you 24/7/365, from anywhere, at Home, Work, in your Car, even when you are outside the Country Follow Up Care Every visit includes a follow up contact - 24 or 48 hours later

We take the time to find solutions to your Health problems, using our team of multi discipline Doctors, Specialists and Surgeons

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