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Why Do You Need an HR Solution?

Our HR partner is a Canadian HR software company that strives to help take your team to new heights. As an all-in-one HR system, they give your HR department the tools they needs to do just that. From employee onboarding to performance reviews and employee absence management, optimize workforce management and maximize productivity with Folks HR software solutions!

Have you always managed your HR information through multiple files, emails and phone calls? Do you feel like the situation is no longer sustainable and are you wondering if it is time to implement an HRIS? The following boxes will help you determine if you need to invest in HR software.

You don’t know your employee turnover rate

You have partial information but no complete and accurate picture of departure reasons, departure numbers, and the annual costs related to employee turnover (training, recruitment, etc.). You know that you would benefit from reducing turnover, but you don't know where to start.

Your HR data is in multiple places & your information is not centralized

Your employee files are on your intranet. Your performance evaluations or your onboarding processes are documented in numerous Excels files. Your employees have to contact the HR department to find out their paid-time off balance

You don t know how much money you invested in training

Tracking the costs of training courses provided to employees over the course of a fiscal year is a laborious and time consuming process.

You do not assess your organizational health and its evolution

You have no way to confidentially survey your employees on a regular basis. You would like to assess your employees levels of satisfaction about various aspects such as salary, communication with supervisors, professional development opportunities, etc.

You don't use an employee portal

Every time a new employee joins your organization, you have to send multiple corporate documents by email

Your employees still have to manually sign their documents

You send your employment contracts and then have to wait for them to be printed, signed, scanned and returned by email.

You use calendar reminders for your employees birthdays

You have created a large number of reminders in your calendar to make sure that you don't forget your employees' birthdays or professional anniversaries

You waste a lot of time relaying information

Your HR information and payroll information are not integrated and this situation leads to time losses answering questions and relaying information.

Your performance reviews are not set up on a daily basis

You postpone your performance reviews or decide to set them up less frequently because the whole process is complex (creating templates, ensuring that employees and managers complete them, obtaining signatures, compiling data, etc.).

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